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About Us

Canns Down Press is a family run business and has been publishing contemporary art as cards since 1980. Over the years we have reproduced work from leading artists working in all mediums from the early twentieth century to the present day.

We publish under licence from the extensive Asian, European and American collections of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Our ranges are in a continual state of development as we discover new work and establish new relationships with artists and makers. The portfolio of artists whose work we publish ranges from Royal Academicians and established artists to the work of young artists who may still be students.

Based in the West Country, we produce blank folded cards, Christmas cards, black and white photography, note card wallets, postcards and giftwrap and these are available through distributors worldwide.

All paper used (from cards to envelopes) are sourced from sustainable forests in the EU.

All our products are printed and published in the UK.

Buy Diazepam Belfast